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Top 13 Good-News Stories from 2022

Esperanza Project shares a year of regeneration, resilience, resistance and creative solutions

Last year was a tough one, on many counts. A pandemic that wouldn’t let go; devastating heat waves, wildfires, storms and floods around the globe; spiraling inflation and economic hardship; the war in Ukraine, with heavy worldwide impacts. Sometimes it was hard to see the silver lining.  But behind the headlines, good things were happening […]

By Esperanza Project Posted in Esperanza Project on January 12, 2023 Continue reading
Art with Heart: An EcoSapien Interview with Luix Saldaña

Artistic pillar of the Vision Council on making music, magic and world-class festivals on a shoestring

Luix Saldaña has been the artistic pillar of the Vision Council – Guardians of the Earth almost since its inception; he is the magician and convoker who brings together the creative community space and performance series that is the Art and Culture Council during each week-long transformational event.

By Esperanza Project Posted in EcoSapiens Series, Vision Council on November 26, 2022 Continue reading
Retrotopia Emerging: An EcoSapien Interview with Liora Adler

Gaia University cofounder on Food, Water and Community Security in a De-Industrialized Future

Liora Adler is a visionary social actionist, educator, facilitator, mentor, event organizer and dancer. Raised during the ’60s social movements in the US, she came to understand that protest alone was inadequate for making substantive societal changes. Consequently, throughout the ’70’s and ’80s she explored supportive community building that provided both for physical needs and the basic human need for belonging.

By Esperanza Project Posted in EcoSapiens Series, Permaculture, Vision Council on November 18, 2022 Continue reading
An Earth-Sky Interview with Tracy L. Barnett

Esperanza Project founder kicks off the EcoSapien Speaker Series with astrologer Tami Brunk in a cosmic conversation from the heart

There’s nothing like a talk between sisters — especially sisters with a common vision and dream — to inspire action. This talk with Earth Sky Woman Tami Brunk, the astrologer, dream nurturer and world-changer who is my fourth of seven sisters, was just the first of a whole series of inspiring conversations with eco-elders, indigenous […]

By Esperanza Project Posted in Esperanza Project, Vision Council on August 30, 2022 Continue reading
Call of the Turtle Mini Vision Council at a Glance

This meeting of great minds, hearts and spirits will soon be available online. Meanwhile, we share bios and a harvest of collective wisdom.

For those of you who joined us this weekend for the epic Call of the Turtle Mini Vision Council, and indeed for any of the brilliant EcoSapiens who shared their stories and insights with us during the monthlong Restoring Sacred Culture in the Americas Convergence, we are so grateful to you. You, in fact, are […]

By Esperanza Project Posted in Activism, Ecovillages, Environment, Esperanza Project, Permaculture on August 10, 2022 Continue reading
LIVE TODAY at 11 am CDT: Gaia University founder Liora Adler on 'Retrotopia'

Retrotopia: Creating Buen Vivir* in a De-Industrialized Future: Interview with Earth Sky Woman Tami Brunk

Since the turn of the century humans have been building communities structured on technological and industrial practices that are steadily destroying the ecosystems that support life on this planet.  “Retrotopia”** is an alternative vision that supports the re-emergence of sustainable community living focused on ecosystem regeneration and restoration. Register HERE to join us for this weekend’s lineup […]

By Esperanza Project Posted in Activism, Ecovillages, Environment, Esperanza Project, Latin America, Permaculture, Sustainability on August 6, 2022 Continue reading
Call of the Turtle: LIVE Mini-Vision Council on Sunday

Join us for a small taste of this south-of-the-border phenomenon that has transformed lives and communities throughout the continent.

The Call of the Turtle, a Mini Vision Council Sun. Aug 7, gives a small taste of this south-of-the-border phenomenon that has transformed lives and communities throughout the continent.

By Esperanza Project Posted in Activism, Ecovillages, Esperanza Project, Latin America, Permaculture, Spirituality on August 4, 2022 Continue reading
Ecovillage Expert Diana Leafe Christian on Finding Community

Earth Sky Woman Tami Brunk interviews internationally acclaimed author, teacher and expert in community dynamics

Today’s guest on the EcoSapien Speaker Series: Diana Leafe Christian, author of Creating a Life Together: Practical Tools to Grow Ecovillages and Intentional Communities, and Finding Community: How to Join an Ecovillage or Intentional Community. She speaks at ecovillage and cohousing conferences, offers consultations, and leads workshops and online internationally.

By Esperanza Project Posted in Ecovillages, Esperanza Project, Permaculture, Sustainability on August 2, 2022 Continue reading
EcoSapien Speaker Series + 'Call of the Turtle' Mini Vision Council

Monthlong Convergence highlights visionaries, activists, elders and thought leaders who are restoring sacred culture in the Americas

This monumental monthlong convergence features conversations with indigenous visionaries and activists, eco-elders in the fields of bioregionalism, ecovillage design, permaculture, earth-regeneration and humans we see as helping us connect to our animist roots while restoring elements of sacred culture. 

By Esperanza Project Posted in Activism, Ecovillages, Environment, Esperanza Project, Latin America, Permaculture, Sustainability on July 31, 2022 Continue reading
Pat McCabe: 'A human being that causes life to thrive'

Diné leader joins Voices of Amerikua series, ‘Sacred Earth: Indigenous Wisdom for Earth Restoration’

We are currently living through a time of accelerated environmental collapse. What is the role of indigenous people in reversing and preventing this collapse? Is it possible to prevent further damage and begin a process of Earth restoration?   Join us for the latest conversation in a six-week journey into Indigenous Ecology, where Voices of Amerikua […]

By Esperanza Project Posted in Esperanza Project on June 9, 2022 Continue reading
New Transmedia Series Opens Lens on Ancestral Cultures

'Cosmology & Pandemic' offers deep insights and practical knowledge gained from the current health crisis, aimed toward preventing the next one.

The Esperanza Project, with the collaboration of the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting, Mongabay, The One Foundation and the SGE Foundation, has released a groundbreaking new bilingual transmedia series called Cosmology & Pandemic: What We Can Learn from Indigenous Responses to the Current Health Crisis. A joint project of the award-winning filmmaker and journalist duo […]

By Esperanza Project Posted in Covid-19, Esperanza Project, Indigenous Peoples on November 18, 2021 Continue reading
Esperanza is the Antidote: A Year Later

In a year of triumphs and tragedies, The Esperanza Project continues to bring a message of hope

It’s been a year since we launched our Patreon site on Earth Day 2020. “Esperanza is the Antidote,” it was called, and it was launched in the early weeks of the Covid-19 pandemic with a campaign to support our special hope-based approach to journalism.  It was not a good time for a campaign of this […]

By Esperanza Project Posted in Esperanza Project on April 22, 2021 Continue reading
A Spiritual Health Shield: For the Huicholes, and For the World

Campaign seeks to finance ceremonial initiative against Covid in Wixárika communities

We recently sat down (at a distance) for an interview with Paola Stefani, producer of the movie Huicholes: The Last Peyote Guardians. Together with the director of the film, Hernán Vilchez, and with the collaboration of the protagonist, Wixárika Mara’akame or spiritual leader José “Katira” Ramírez, and with the approval of the authorities of two […]

By Esperanza Project Posted in Indigenous Peoples on November 11, 2020 Continue reading
Bringing the Pachamama to the Presidency

An Andean View of Governance: A Different Kind of Acceptance Speech

For those of us who cherish the wellbeing of life on Earth, for those of us who love and long for peace, for those who envision a future that lifts up the peoples of our millenary cultures and all cultures, we celebrate as we enter an era of new possibilities. In the US, we are […]

By Esperanza Project Posted in Bolivia, Bolivia, Indigenous Peoples on November 10, 2020 Continue reading
Oct. 12: Celebrating Survival In the Shadow of Columbus Day

7 Stories About Native Empowerment for Indigenous Peoples' Day

“There’s nothing to celebrate.” It’s a common refrain every Columbus Day.  The anniversary of October 12 comes and goes and it seems as if things have only gotten progressively worse for Indigenous peoples since the day Christopher Columbus first stepped foot on Native American land.   There’s nothing to celebrate about the 212 documented assassinations of […]

By Esperanza Project Posted in Indigenous Peoples on October 12, 2020 Continue reading
Gendered Medical Gaslighting and the Copper IUD

A conversation with political scientist Flor Kot Hansen and author Caren Beilin, victims of the IUD

Flor Kot Hansen and Caren Beilin are two women whose lives have been upended by the side effects of the copper IUD, a birth control device whose impact around the world has been enormous and has received little media attention. And they are each, in their own way, trying to do something about it. Flor […]

By Esperanza Project Posted in Esperanza Project on October 1, 2020 Continue reading
Joining Hearts & Hands: From Movie to Movement

The Condor & The Eagle seizes the moment after a phenomenal premiere and online launch. What comes next?

“It’s mind blowing to us that 3,770 people registered for this event and more than 40,000 joined us online for the panel discussion,” said film co-director Clement Guerra. “This event connected us from North to South in a powerful and historic collective moment for the climate justice struggle.”

By Esperanza Project Posted in Climate Change, Esperanza Project, Indigenous Peoples on July 6, 2020 Continue reading
Watch The Condor & The Eagle With Us!

Join us for a screening of this epic climate justice film and a Q&A with film & movement protagonists 

As we work to prevent the spread of COVID-19, environmental racism is presenting a deadly parallel threat for Indigenous peoples across North and South America who continue to defend their lands and waters, protecting their territories from extraction and the pandemic. Meanwhile, the climate crisis has not paused as we battle racialized violence and COVID-19. On […]

By Esperanza Project Posted in Climate Change on June 20, 2020 Continue reading
Inner Ecology Video & Invitation: Saturday June 13

Join us for this vital series with Maria Ros: Methodology for Emotional Sustainability

UPDATE: María Ros’ Inner Ecology Master Class was an intimate look at an innovative, earth-based approach to self care. We share the video below, and invite you to join us for our weekly series. The next class is Saturday, June 13, at 11 am PDT/1 pm CDT/2pm EDT. Maria, who is a permaculture designer as […]

By Esperanza Project Posted in Permaculture, Self-Care on June 5, 2020 Continue reading
Live from Huichol Country: Susana Valadez & Friends

Community institution opens its virtual doors to the public as it plants seeds of change

UPDATE: Zoom Into the Huichol Center was a huge success with thousands joining from across the globe as Founder Susana Valadez and her team reported live from the Center’s remote headquarters in Mexico’s Western Sierra Madre. Susana shared with us the ways in which Covid-19 is transforming the continued operation of the Huichol Center, an […]

By Esperanza Project Posted in Indigenous Peoples, Wixarika on May 29, 2020 Continue reading
Esperanza is the Antidote: The Video

17 creative voices for change from the USA to Argentina share their work and messages of hope

Earth Day 2020 marked a milestone for The Esperanza Project. We took our first baby steps into the world of broadcasting with our very first online program: Esperanza is the Antidote, a lineup of Esperanza Project collaborators from the USA to Argentina.

By Esperanza Project Posted in Esperanza Project on April 26, 2020 Continue reading
The Woman Who Stopped a Dam  

An Interview with Guadalupe Lara on the Story Behind the Struggle of Arcediano

This plain-spoken country woman became the face of a movement to stop a megadam from destroying her village.

By Esperanza Project Posted in Esperanza Project, Megadams on January 9, 2020 Continue reading
Temaca to the World: We're Not Going Anywhere

10th Annual Chile Fair carries on a tradition of resistance to a megadam slated to obliterate three villages

TEMACAPULIN, Jalisco, Mexico — It’s been 14 years since the people of this charming colonial town in the Green River Valley of Mexico’s agriculturally rich Jalisco state have gotten a good night’s sleep — 14 years of fighting the thirty-story megadam that poses an existential threat to their precolonial heritage. A generation has nearly grown […]

By Esperanza Project Posted in Megadams, Mexico, Water, Water, Territory and Resistance on September 1, 2019 Continue reading
Striking Back Against Femicide in Costa Rica

Aude Mulliez on Femicide, Empowerment Self-Defense, and Turning Garbage into Houses

Aude Mulliez is a woman for the new millennium. At 33, she has launched her own green social enterprise, become a continental ambassador for female empowerment and impacted lives in half a dozen countries – including her own. She’s tackled some of the thorniest issues of our time – migration, environmental degradation, extreme poverty, and […]

By Aude Mulliez Esperanza Project Posted in Latin America, Sustainability, Women's Empowerment on May 9, 2019 Continue reading

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