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Renovation of the World in Wirikuta

Wixárika ceremony reveals there is still time to save life on the planet — by working together

On the night of March 18, 2022, a full moon rose over the Cerro del Quemado, the mountain known to the Wixárika people as the Birthplace of the Sun, to reveal an unforgettable sight. Hundreds of Wixaritari – elders, youth, children, mothers and fathers with babies in their arms – encircled the concentric rings of […]

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Wirikuta's Call: From the Heart of the World

Ancestral stories act as a guide for the flowering of consciousness

Ancient stories are responsible for giving continuity and direction to the human adventure on Earth, connecting the community with its sacred center. For the elder Wixáritari brothers and sisters, the desert plateau in San Luis Potosí, México, known as Wirikuta, is the cosmic origin, the foundational center that organizes the spiritual ecology of the world. […]

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Wixárika Invitation Inspires 'Mirror Altars' Around the World

Thousands to synchronize with 'Renovation of the World' ceremony in Wirikuta to heal humanity’s relationship with Nature

It is that time of year again, when, since time immemorial, the Wixárika people are preparing their offerings. The candles of life, the chaquira gourd bowls, the God’s eyes, the prayer arrows. They are beginning to retrace the arduous journey of their ancestors, carried out every year in sacred reciprocity for the gift of life.  […]

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Water and Power in Wirikuta

Threats New and Old Menace the Sacred Peyote Grounds of the Chihuahuan Desert

When it rains in the high plateaus of San Luis Potosí, Mexico, the dampened earth releases a scent that showcases its unique biodiversity. During the rainy season, greasewood bushes, mesquites, yucca and a wide variety of cacti flower and give their fruits, while the locals plant their cornfields that grow according to the nourishment they […]

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Message from the Gods in Wirikuta

Warning arrives through historic mass ceremony: 'Unite to defend the Birthplace of the Sun'

Editorial note: This historic pilgrimage occurred on Feb. 6, 2012. After much pressure from the Wixárika people and civil society, and a favorable court ruling, the mining projects were put on hold — but only time will tell how this will end. Story and photos by Tracy L. Barnett. REAL DE CATORCE, Mexico – They […]

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