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Short Films from The Esperanza Project

Cosmology & Pandemic: A Journey through Ancestral Cultures During the Pandemic that Shook the World

Episode 1: Colombia — The Body as Territory

For the Indigenous peoples of Colombia, Covid is a consequence of a development without conscience that robs cultures and attacks the biodiversity of the territories, of which our own bodies are a part.

In Episode 1 of the transmedia series “Cosmology & Pandemic: What We Can Learn From Indigenous Responses to the Current Health Crisis,” produced with the support of the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting, The One Foundation and SGE, we offer a rare and intimate look into three emblematic and very diverse Indigenous communities in Colombia.

First, here is the trailer to the film, The Body As Territory:

See the whole film, read the stories and follow the series at Get to know the healers, wisdom keepers and leaders in each of these communities and learn about their experiences and perspectives regarding the current health crisis in this free groundbreaking transmedia series, an offering to the public from The Esperanza Project.


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