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How You Can Help
By Esperanza Project Posted in on July 26, 2018
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Here are 8 ways you can help us build hope in the world today.

  • Like our Facebook page; like, comment, share the posts that you find inspiring and/or important, giving special attention to our original reports. If you have a Twitter account, you can retweet us here.
  • Subscribe here so you’ll never miss an original Esperanza Project report. If you want to receive our Spanish-language reports (which are not always the same as our English-language ones), subscribe here.
  • Help spread the word about The Esperanza Project. Forward our newsletters via e-mail, tag people you think might be interested on Facebook and Twitter.
Lady Liberty, a revolutionary puppet designed by Amy Jo Christian of Wise Fool New Mexico for creative resistance actions across the globe. (Tracy L. Barnett photo)
  • When you learn of an innovative, inspirational project aimed at making the world a more environmentally and socially healthy and sustainable place, let us know. When you see a community fighting to defend its land, water, and right to self-determination, let us know. We can’t cover every story all the time but we can cover some of them, and we can use our social media to help support them.
  • Pitch in with a financial donation to help us cover our expenses. The Esperanza Project is a 100% volunteer-run enterprise, and that gives us the freedom to publish whatever we want, with no obligations to anyone. It also comes at a cost, however; web hosting, equipment expenses, travel expenses, phone and internet bills – it all costs money, and we need your support to keep the lights on. If you like what we do, please click on the link below to make a tax-deductible contribution to our 501(c)3 nonprofit organization today. You can pay via PayPal or write a check to The Esperanza Project, 1335 Wilderness Drive, Hillsboro, MO, 63050.
  • Join our Patreon support group and make an ongoing contribution each month; gain access to exclusive content, have a say in our upcoming editions and be a part of a beautiful community supporting our hope-based regenerative journalism for as little as $2 a month.

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