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Wirikuta's Call: From the Heart of the World
Ancestral stories act as a guide for the flowering of consciousness
By Adrian Villaseñor-Galarza Posted in Wirikuta on March 18, 2022
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Ancient stories are responsible for giving continuity and direction to the human adventure on Earth, connecting the community with its sacred center. For the elder Wixáritari brothers and sisters, the desert plateau in San Luis Potosí, México, known as Wirikuta, is the cosmic origin, the foundational center that organizes the spiritual ecology of the world.

Sunset clouds in Wirikuta. Photo: Fernando Cabello

From Wirikuta emanates the spark of life, the wellspring that cleanses, the wind that inspires, the earth that nourishes. Wirikuta is the source of sweet joy that guides life along the pathways of consciousness. Wirikuta is the seat of the sacred, of the beauty and integrity that make existence possible. It is in Wirikuta where the ancient promise of life is renewed and the guiding stories find their deep sustenance.

Wirikuta is in serious danger. Human greed, like an insatiable hungry ghost, threatens to bring ruin and destruction to the Potosí plateau in the name of “progress.” That equivocal tendency, worshiper of the money God, cheaply willing to sell life itself for a few pesos. Would you sell your mother to the highest bidder? Such confusion evokes frustration, even hatred and resentment, but those who know say that a loving disposition is what makes evolution possible.

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The Wixáritari summon us to join their prayer, to rectify course and watch over the sacred Earth and the sacredness of the human heart. What would a group of people, a nation or the entire human family be without its stories of origin and ultimate destiny, without the sacred places that nurture the most intimate recesses of the soul? In times of collective confusion, love of life is also expressed as sacred protection.

Hikuri blooming. Photo: Tracy L. Barnett

The invitation to join the renewal of the world in ritual and prayer leads us to claim our role in the co-creation of a vibrant present and a flourishing future. This deep engagement allows the dream of the Earth to rise and dance around the fire-heart at the center of our humanity. Let us transcend the apathy and frozenness of the machine world to reacquaint and reconcile ourselves with our own nature, which is nothing other than the venerable nature of the world.

Wixárika art. Photo: Tracy L. Barnett

Knowing and experiencing ourselves as the world provides an opening to actively participate in the regeneration of what is alive and essential. Let us surrender to the holy compost so that the ancient wisdom of the Earth makes of our nonsense an offering of a thousand colors for everyone who needs it, always in service to the Great Spirit. Let us welcome the flower of consciousness in the temple of the heart.

Desert flower. Photo: Tracy L. Barnett.

In representation of deep México, the Wixárika people deliver us from the trance of separation by echoing the ancestral invitation of home coming. Because whatever is ancestral is not something old. Rather, it’s that which transcends the linearity of time to manifest, here and now, the promise of a profound renewal into the light of consciousness.

Wixárika man looking at the Sierra de Catorce. Photo: Tracy L. Barnett

It is in this time, when human greed seems to exceed its limits, that Deer, Corn and Bean flower forth from the heart of the world to revitalize our roots. In this way, in intimate alliance with the sacred origin of existence, the miracle occurs. The human spirit, exalted by its alliance with the unfathomable origin of existence, respects and celebrates this blessed Earth.

Let us defend the sacred. Let us celebrate life. Let us protect Wirikuta. Let us be part of the renewal of the world.

Adrian Villaseñor Wirikuta

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