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Angelica Almazan
Angelica Almazan

Angélica Almazán Escalante is a Mexican songwriter and journalist, Janzu therapist, translator and co-editor of The Esperanza Project residing in Bacalar, Quintana Roo when she's not on the road.

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Last Chance to Save Mexico City's Water Forest

Circus and environmentalism unite to raise funds and help forest brigades. Mexico is experiencing the worst water crisis in 600 years. And the capital city is not alone: The lack of rain and high temperatures have caused over 25% of the country to be in a state of extreme drought. According to data from the […]

By Angelica Almazan Iván Sawyer García Posted in Activism, Biodiversity, Forests on June 1, 2024 Continue reading
March 8: ‘Identity can never be silenced.’ Misak women fight back in Colombia

Reflections of a Misak journalist two and a half years after the femicide of the Indigenous leader Nazaria Calambas. By Angélica Almazán, Tracy L. Barnett and Diana Mery Jembuel Morales. It’s been two and a half years since Nazaria Calambas, an Indigenous Misak leader in Colombia, was shot to death before the helpless gaze of […]

By Angelica Almazan Posted in Colombia, Indigenous Peoples, Water, Territory and Resistance, Women's Empowerment on March 8, 2024 Continue reading
“Embrace of the Amate” generates hope, healing and action

The XVI Vision Council sparkled with music, ecological consciousness and magic

In a green valley of Central Mexico, below the distinctive humpbacked mountains that stand like guardians over the itinerant ecovillage that was taking form in the forest near Tepoztlan, the resonant call of the caracol, or conch shell, rang out from the sacred fire before sunrise: It was time to begin the activities of the […]

By Tracy L. Barnett Angelica Almazan Posted in Ecovillages, Sustainability, Vision Council, Water on December 30, 2022 Continue reading
Tikkun Eco Center : Spreading seeds of change

Creating resilient community through water harvesting in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

SAN MIGUEL DE ALLENDE, MÉXICO – Victoria Collier and Ben Ptashnik are a couple with a vision: they want to teach how to create self-sustaining ecological community where people can grow food, disengage from destructive systems with the use of renewable energy and green building, and create community projects that benefit everyone while raising the […]

By Angelica Almazan Posted in Climate Change, Food Sovereignty, Mexico, Regenerative Agriculture, Water on November 16, 2022 Continue reading
Saving the Titicaca 'Scrotum Frog' in the Andean Highlands

Pollution and human consumption threaten one of the world's largest frog species

“Frog juice” is thought to be an aphrodisiac in Peruvian culture, as well as a medicine capable of curing many ills, so traditionally locals blend parts of the body of the amphibians with fruit and other herbs as a type of tonic. Unfortunately only the giant Titicaca frog will do, and this tradition is leading […]

By Angelica Almazan Posted in Peru, Rights of Nature, Water on November 3, 2022 Continue reading
The Rainbow Path of the Coyote: EcoSapien Interview with Alberto Ruz

Memories and dreams from the revolutionary cofounder of the Vision Council - Guardians of the Earth and many other peace and unity movements

One of the principal founders of the Vision Council – Guardians of the Earth is also an icon for the World Rainbow Community since the seventies. “Coyote” Alberto Ruz Buenfil is a visionary revolutionary who has been planting seeds of change in every step of his way.  Alberto, a native of Mexico born in 1945, […]

By Angelica Almazan Tracy L. Barnett Posted in Activism, Ecovillages, Social Change, Vision Council on September 30, 2022 Continue reading
“We are Nature expressing itself:” Arun Ruz on EcoSapiens

Insights from a third-generation ecovillager born and raised into the Vision Council - Guardians of the Earth

Arun Ruz Acosta was born into a magical world of caravans, permaculture workshops and interaction with indigenous communities. He grew up in an ecovillage in rural Mexico co-founded by his own family. It was a social environment where different regenerative movements were born, focusing on promoting the development of human consciousness through art, ecology and […]

By Angelica Almazan Posted in EcoSapiens Series, Esperanza Project, Vision Council on September 15, 2022 Continue reading
Mayan leaders fight bill privatizing archaeological sites

‘They are not “pre-Hispanic ruins;” they are living sacred sites’ and ceremonial centers, says Mayan daykeeper

Archaeologists, anthropologists and members of the indigenous communities of Guatemala are making an appeal to the Guatemalan government to reject a controversial bill affecting the administration of the country’s archaeological sites. Law 5923, called “Rescue of Pre-Hispanic Heritage,” has been proposed as a matter of national urgency both by the Ministry of Culture and Sports […]

By Tracy L. Barnett Angelica Almazan Posted in Guatemala, Indigenous Peoples, Mayan on June 30, 2022 Continue reading
Wixárika community takes back financial autonomy in historic vote

San Sebastian will manage its own public budget without the intervention of political parties.

In a forceful step against corruption and discrimination, San Sebastián voted to manage their own federal tax dollars — joining the ranks of a growing number of indigenous communities in Mexico. And they will do so with women at the table under an agreement of gender parity, a rarity among Indigenous governments and, indeed, governments in general.

By Angelica Almazan Tracy L. Barnett Posted in Indigenous Peoples, Mexico, Politics, Wixarika on June 14, 2022 Continue reading
"Indigenous people shouldn't have to beg for justice"

After a monthlong march and three-day campout in front of the National Palace, Wixárika caravan gets presidential audience

After 32 days of pilgrimage, the Wixárika Caravan arrived at the National Palace in Mexico City. The march began on April 25, 900 kilometers away in the Western Sierra Madre. Since that time, they have been asking for an audience with Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to request restitution of their stolen lands.

By Angelica Almazan Posted in Indigenous Peoples, Mexico, Wixarika on May 30, 2022 Continue reading
The Change Weavers: From Charity to Justice

From Ukraine to Los Angeles, platform empowers frontline communities to speak for themselves

Two years ago, Clement Guerrá was immersed in the film project of his life: The Condor & the Eagle, an award-winning environmental justice film documenting the fight of Indigenous people from Canada to the Amazon to defend their territories from petroleum, mining and other extractive industries. But for the French filmmaker, making the film was […]

By Tracy L. Barnett Angelica Almazan Posted in Activism, Alternative media, Documentary Film, Social Change on March 23, 2022 Continue reading
Removing Racism, one statue at a time

"The Builders monument was a mockery, a humiliation for our peoples": Pavel Uliánov

With axes, hammers and ropes, a group of activists called by the Supreme Indigenous Council of Michoacán demolished part of the monument called Los Constructores (The Builders) on February 14.

By Angelica Almazan Posted in Activism, Indigenous Peoples, Mexico, Social Change on February 28, 2022 Continue reading
Marichuy, Mexico's indigenous candidate: My goal goes beyond being president

By Angélica Almazán “We do not bring promises, we do not bring anything to give away, more than the heart, more than sweat, more than the effort of each day. It has been a difficult road because people no longer believe in anything and are tired of hearing promises. That is why we are not […]

By Angelica Almazan Posted in Environment, Indigenous Peoples, Mexico on January 14, 2018 Continue reading
The Call of the Sage: The seed has sprouted

Left and above: First Encounter, Vision Council: Call of the Sage – Teopantli Kalpulli. By Laura Angélica Almazán The call of the caracol has called us together once again. The family has reunited one more time to continue with a mission that started more than two decades ago, and gets more and more relevant every year. The […]

By Angelica Almazan Posted in Ecovillages, Guadalajara, Latin America, Mexico, Permaculture, Spirituality, Sustainability, Transformative Travel on January 14, 2015 Continue reading

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