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Iván Sawyer García
Iván Sawyer García

Media producer, environmental activist and educator. Founder of Voices of Amerikua, a collaborative documentary and multimedia lab featuring Indigenous communities and their efforts to protect their culture, land and rights.

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#StayAtHome with new Indigenous Media Library

Selections and reflections from the Voices of Amerikua 100+ collection of free Indigenous films, games and other media projects

The free 100+ entry Voices of Amerikua Indigenous Film Library was born when #StayAtHome mandates began rolling out across the globe, and Mexican media producer and activist Iván Sawyer García began getting inquiries from friends and readers: Do you have any recommendations for indigenous films we can watch while we are sheltering in place? As a matter of fact he did — as founder of the bilingual collaborative documentary and multimedia lab Voices of Amerikua, indigenous films and media projects are his life.

By Iván Sawyer García Posted in Covid-19, Indigenous Peoples on May 4, 2020 Continue reading
Amazon Uprising: Defunding the Destruction 

New Movement Follows the Money to Divest from Deforestation

The media coverage may have subsided, but the fires haven’t stopped. In fact, when the global outrage about the fires burning in the Amazon began, there had been 43,500 fires recorded in the Brazilian Amazon in 2019. It’s now at more than 67,000 and the dry season will continue until at least the end of November. Some of this is part of the natural cycle, but many more are fires deliberately set and most of those are to clear land for beef and soy production.

By Mark Heley Iván Sawyer García Posted in Economic Empowerment, Fire, Forests on October 10, 2019 Continue reading

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