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The Esperanza Project connects us with each other to share our stories, and strives to put things in a can-do, solutions-oriented, social and environmental justice focus. Besides bringing you stories you won’t read anywhere else, what we’re also doing here is creating a community of support for these innovators, storytellers and Earth defenders who believe a better world is possible, that the planet is worth fighting for, and that the next generation of children deserve to inherit a living, breathing and vibrant Earth, still home to the intricate web of life that nurtures us all.

It’s community that empowers a movement. And without a strong community the obstacles we face — as a magazine, and as a part of a planet in crisis — seem insurmountable. Now that you have joined this community, we invite you to take the next step. Become a part of the web of support and upliftment we are weaving. Check out the tiers of support in this Patreon group— for as little as $2 a month, you can join a deeper conversation while making our continued work possible. 

Thanks for being here. Now, see you on Patreon!

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