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The Parable of the Humane Philanthropist

Does throwing starfish, or dead fish, back into the sea make any difference?

You have probably heard a variation of the story, “The Star Thrower,” about a man who comes across a young girl walking along a beach throwing starfish back into the sea. In one version he says:  “Little girl, why are you doing this? Look at this beach! You can’t save all these starfish. You can’t […]

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The Great Transition

We are not at the end, we are in a shift from a system that devoured our Earth to one that can work with Gaia.

Editor’s note: As we first published this story (May 3, 2022), author John McLeod and his family in rural New Mexico were evacuated from their home and farm due to the Hermit’s Peak / Calf Canyon fire that started not far from their home. “This is what Climate Change looks like,” he wrote, “making the […]

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Power, State and Capital: The Axis is Arrogance

We need to build a postmodern world that identifies arrogance as the evil to be overcome and replaces it with an ethic of humility and compassion.

It is one thing to domesticate and quite another to dominate. In order to survive, reproduce and expand, humanity domesticated nature while at the same time, nature domesticated humanity. It was a reciprocal phenomenon, a coevolutionary process. Domesticating implies knowing, exploring, questioning and dialoguing with what is domesticated. It carries delicacy. In contrast, the one […]

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Experiencing the Wrath of Ida and the Bliss of Gaia

How a hurricane can give us space to slow our pace, quiet ourselves, and reconnect with the living Earth

If only my back didn’t ache, I could really enjoy this hurricane. Such were my thoughts as the outer bands of Hurricane Ida bore down on my home in New Orleans. I was sitting in our kitchen, watching the trees in the backyard bending to the tropical-storm force winds. The kitchen area was crowded with […]

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Should we all just ‘lie flat?’

Lie flat (or tang ping) essentially means to “reject grueling careers for a ‘low-desire life.’”

Recently I read about the new “lie flat” movement in China. Lie flat (or tang ping) essentially means to “reject grueling careers for a ‘low-desire life.’” It sounds very similar to the voluntary simplicity movement of the 1970s and ‘80s* (work less, earn less, want less), and is being adopted especially by young Chinese burnt out from years […]

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