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Victor M. Toledo
Victor M. Toledo

Víctor M. Toledo, a research scientist at the Institute for Research on Ecosystems and Sustainability, is a Mexican biologist, expert in ethnoecology, and former Secretary of the Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT) in the administration of President of Mexico Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

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Community Defenders of the Territories Moving Forward

Mexican resistance movements in defense of life and Mother Earth are blooming.

Like vegetation on a burned grassland, Mexico is seeing a growth in community resistance movements in defense of local territories, of life and of Mother Earth. This growth is taking place under innovative formulas that include the rescue of culture and the intervention of art, communication, and the solidarity of urban sectors, including communities of […]

By Victor M. Toledo Posted in Mexico on March 24, 2022 Continue reading
Pablo Alarcón and his luminous environmentalism

Honoring the life and work of Pablo Alarcón Chaires (1964-2022)

True, legitimate, deep environmentalism is, above all, a luminous act where the human being gives himself body and soul to the defense of life. It is luminous because it lights flames of hope in a world of darkness. Pablo Alarcón Chaires was an exceptional environmentalist whose career left a trail of light. His very arrival […]

By Victor M. Toledo Posted in Environment, Esperanza Project, Mexico on March 11, 2022 Continue reading
My Manifesto: Toward a Politics for Life

Victor Toledo on a way forward for a planet under siege

We are now entering a stage in which a vision of the world is being defined with greater clarity — one that requires dealing with a supreme dilemma between collapse or civilizational transformation, between extinction or survival. It is about confronting the forces of destruction that today mark the future of the modern world and […]

By Victor M. Toledo Jane K. Brundage Posted in Politics on January 27, 2022 Continue reading
Power, State and Capital: The Axis is Arrogance

We need to build a postmodern world that identifies arrogance as the evil to be overcome and replaces it with an ethic of humility and compassion.

It is one thing to domesticate and quite another to dominate. In order to survive, reproduce and expand, humanity domesticated nature while at the same time, nature domesticated humanity. It was a reciprocal phenomenon, a coevolutionary process. Domesticating implies knowing, exploring, questioning and dialoguing with what is domesticated. It carries delicacy. In contrast, the one […]

By Victor M. Toledo Jane K. Brundage Posted in Esperanza Project, Reflection on December 16, 2021 Continue reading
The Corruption of Science | An International Issue

Censorship of scientists and the manipulation, distortion, and suppression of scientific information are a threat to science.

We are living at the pinnacle or crest of corruption in the world — the use and abuse of political and economic power, knowledge or hierarchical position. And scientists are far from exempt.

By Victor M. Toledo Jane K. Brundage Posted in Esperanza Project on September 26, 2021 Continue reading
7 Aspects of Civilizational Transformation

The era of the civilizionary is here... are you ready?

Signs continue accumulating that point to the imminence of a global collapse in the medium term:  extreme heat waves in Canada and the United States, forest fires in various regions of the world, the melting of Greenland, floods in Europe and China, the weakening of a vital Atlantic current. Faced with these events, more and […]

By Victor M. Toledo Posted in Esperanza Project on September 2, 2021 Continue reading
Nature, Covid-19 and Species Fear

Can we rise to the challenge of converting our angst into effective action?

We are living in a dangerous time, where everything depends on humanity managing to overcome what is the second period of maximum risk in its history (the first occurred when the Homo sapiens population was reduced to a minimum and trapped on the coasts of South Africa due to the effects of extreme freezing weather).

By Victor M. Toledo Jane K. Brundage Posted in Environment, Politics, Social Change on August 11, 2021 Continue reading
Victor Toledo: From Capitalism to 'Buen Vivir'

Back to the future with indigenous-style 'good living'

Faced with the crisis that humanity is experiencing, does politics make any sense? We have repeatedly pointed out that every political project will gradually become a policy for or against life. This sharp demarcation results from the deepening of the crisis of modern civilization, which is increasingly evident. All the ideological positions captured by political […]

By Victor M. Toledo Jane K. Brundage Posted in Esperanza Project, Politics on July 15, 2021 Continue reading
Mexico Makes Strides in Agroecology

The Agroecological Advances of Mexico's 4T Government

Sept. 8, 2016, was a tragic day. At a massive event on that day, Enrique Peña Nieto, president of the country, dramatically announced that he was a daily consumer of Coca~Cola. His words were celebrated with applause and laughter by businessmen and officials who listened to him; meanwhile, 6.4 million citizens were suffering from diabetes, […]

By Victor M. Toledo Jane K. Brundage Posted in Agriculture, Agroecology, Food Sovereignty, Mexico, Regenerative Agriculture on May 12, 2021 Continue reading
The Plot Thickens in Mexico's Glyphosate War

Presidential decree for a gradual withdrawal of the possible carcinogen and prohibition of GM corn comes under attack.

Three of the greatest battles that humanity is fighting are: The Covid-19 pandemic; The climate crisis, which increasingly threatens the survival of the species; and Gigantic areas of GM soy, corn, cotton and glyphosate, the poison that accompanies them, planted in blood and fire by six powerful agri-food corporations. To give the reader an idea, here is […]

By Victor M. Toledo Jane K. Brundage Posted in Agriculture, Food Sovereignty on March 25, 2021 Continue reading
México: The 4th Transformation in a Global Context

Strenghtening the defense of human values and those of nature

It is becoming clear that the future of the planet is red and green. It is equally clear that Mexico’s situation is neither exclusive nor unique, but rather replicates what is happening on a global scale, where the citizens of the world take on diverse forces in order to reduce, stop or suppress the double exploitation that a minority of minorities is imposing on the work of humans and of nature. The enormous ignorance prevailing among leaders and theorists of Mexican emancipation about what is taking place in the rest of the world, limits and reveals them. It is not only about keeping in mind the social and environmental struggles of Latin America, but of many other regions.

By Victor M. Toledo Jane K. Brundage Posted in Activism, Environment, Mexico, Social Change on February 16, 2021 Continue reading
Modern Civilization and Its People Without Spirit

Only beings with conscience will save the species.

“The world is at the most dangerous moment in human history,” says Noam Chomsky, a leading U.S. intellectual. His statement could not be more audacious. Today to the global climate crisis must be added the danger of a nuclear war, the disability of democratic mechanisms (the United States and Brazil, inhabited by more than 500 million, are governed by two insane beings elected by their own citizens) and Covid-19. The pandemic has not only turned the world upside down; it has also brought humanity completely to its knees.

By Victor M. Toledo Jane K. Brundage Posted in Social Change on January 22, 2021 Continue reading

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