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Justine Anderson
Justine Anderson

Justine Anderson is an environmental and outdoor writer, and correspondent for Native Sun News Today. She graduated from St. Cloud State University in 2016 with a degree in Print Journalism and currently lives in central Minnesota.

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As temps rise, so do water protector arrests 

Enbridge’s Line 3, KXL face growing Indigenous-led resistance

Construction of Enbridge’s Line 3 faces growing resistance led by Indigenous groups who see the project as a violation of treaty rights. 

By Justine Anderson Talli Nauman Posted in Fossil Fuel Industry, Indigenous Peoples, Water, Territory and Resistance on March 31, 2021 Continue reading
Navajo Nation: From No. 1 in infections to No. 1 in vaccinations

Covid-19 disparities fuel tribal vaccine rollout success

TUCSON, Ariz. – Even though Agnes Attakai is a longtime Indian health administrator, she had no way of knowing that her Diné family members would become a textbook illustration of Native America’s disadvantages in facing the Covid-19 pandemic.  Then she was forced to say goodbye to two aunts, an uncle and a cousin who succumbed […]

By Justine Anderson Posted in Covid-19, Health, Indigenous Peoples, Navajo on February 26, 2021 Continue reading
'Honor the Earth' vs. Enbridge Line 3 Oil Pipeline 

Hundreds rally to oppose project in northern Minnesota that threatens climate, native wild rice and pristine sacred waters

“This would be like ripping out the heart of the Anishinaabe people,” said Sarah LittleRedfeather, Anishinaabe graphic designer, referring to Enbridge’s Line 3 Replacement tar sands oil pipeline. “To us, that water is life. It’s a being and a spirit.”

By Justine Anderson Posted in Activism, Fossil Fuel Industry, United States, Water on January 13, 2021 Continue reading
Native youth center, rebounding from double whammy

MIGIZI rises from the ashes to help students navigate the tolls of a pandemic.

MINNEAPOLIS – Only eight months after the grand opening of their newly renovated building, staff at the Native youth center MIGIZI watched as fast-moving flames, spread during the May protests in Minneapolis, destroyed it. Now, six months after the fire, staff, students and volunteers are looking ahead to a new beginning in the form of […]

By Justine Anderson Posted in Alternative Education, Covid-19, Social Change on December 3, 2020 Continue reading
After the Fires

Minneapolis community unites after flames destroy Indigenous youth building: ‘This will be what defines us’

Flames destroyed the MIGIZI native youth education building, but not its spirit.

By Justine Anderson Posted in Indigenous Peoples on June 11, 2020 Continue reading
Lakota leaders defy governor’s order to remove Covid-19 checkpoints

Pine Ridge Matriarch’s Mother’s Day message: 'This is our land, so you cannot say anything!'

Pine Ridge Matriarch’s Mother’s Day message: ‘This is our land, so you cannot say anything!’

By Justine Anderson Talli Nauman Posted in Covid-19, Indigenous Peoples on May 13, 2020 Continue reading

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