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John McLeod
John McLeod

John McLeod is a climate activist, retired progressive educator, and part-time puppeteer who lives at Story Ranch, a farm wilderness site in northeastern New Mexico, USA.

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Grief and Gratitude in a New Mexico Fire

As wildfire and floods bring devastation to Calf Canyon and Hermit’s Peak, community steps forward to rebuild lives

Shortly before midnight on May 3, we directly and personally entered the growing multitudes of climate evacuees. Such an event was not unexpected. Our forests had become drier than kiln-finished lumber. If you struck 100 matches and dropped them to the ground, 90 to 94 of them would ignite a fire. Precipitation had become a long-lost friend. The link of a warming climate to such a cataclysmic event was evident throughout the region long before the fire drew its first breath.

By John McLeod Posted in Climate Change, Fire, Forests, United States on September 5, 2022 Continue reading
The Great Transition

We are not at the end, we are in a shift from a system that devoured our Earth to one that can work with Gaia.

Editor’s note: As we first published this story (May 3, 2022), author John McLeod and his family in rural New Mexico were evacuated from their home and farm due to the Hermit’s Peak / Calf Canyon fire that started not far from their home. “This is what Climate Change looks like,” he wrote, “making the […]

By John McLeod Posted in Climate Change, Environment, Gaianism, Reflection on May 3, 2022 Continue reading
Mentoring Our Climate Future

What do a WWII combat general, a brilliant nonviolent strategist, a Berkeley poet laureate and a German puppeteer have in common?

As Odysseus prepared to depart to the Trojan War, he left the supervision of his son Telemachus’s education to an old and trusted friend, Mentor. Many of us have had the gift of a mentor or mentors, whose words and deeds coupled with a personal relationship have guided and inspired our lives and our activism […]

By John McLeod Posted in Activism, Climate Change, Environment on April 27, 2021 Continue reading
The Search For A New Community

A look at intentional community in a world who may be calling for a reimagining of collective actions.

Every intellectual had a “draft of a new community in his waistcoat pocket.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson We have reached a new epoch in our planet’s history. Few can look at the increasingly authoritarian tendencies across the globe, the mass stress-fueled migrations, the degradation of the environment, the increasingly chaotic climate, and the fragility of […]

By John McLeod Posted in Ecovillages, Social Change on April 15, 2020 Continue reading
Covid-19 and a new New Deal

The coronavirus is opening doors and perceptions at unprecedented rates, making many things possible.

Once this global epidemic has calmed, the economy will be in a similar state as the 1930s with millions of workers out of their jobs. But this can be a blessing in disguise.

By John McLeod Posted in Social Change on March 24, 2020 Continue reading
Protecting our Guardians in Oaxaca

Celebrating and honoring Native Corn and Indigenous Defenders of Earth’s Biodiversity

It was an unusual Calenda (traditional procession) even for Oaxaca, a city used to these colorful, musical and boisterous parades often led by giant puppets (monos) and a marching band for weddings, quinceañeras, and religious observances.  This specific Calenda was dedicated to the protection of the guardians of native corn, to defenders of ecological diversity, […]

By John McLeod Posted in Activism, Agriculture, Mexico on March 11, 2020 Continue reading

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