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Mark Heley
Mark Heley

Media Campaign Strategist and Author of Fukushima: What You Need to Know, and The Everything Guide to 2012. Co-founder of Peace 2012, collaborator with, Voices of Amerikua and The Bloom Network

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What is Greta doing next?

Swedish activist heads to LA and the largest urban oil field in the nation

Greta Thunberg’s North American tour continues this week in Los Angeles with a visit to the Youth Climate Los Angeles event at City Hall on Friday, November 1st. If you’re wondering why her attention has come to California, which has an image as being one of the most progressive and greenest states in the US, you might be surprised to learn that Los Angeles actually has the largest urban oil field in the nation.

By Mark Heley Posted in Activism, Climate Change, Fossil Fuel Industry on October 29, 2019 Continue reading
Amazon Uprising: Defunding the Destruction 

New Movement Follows the Money to Divest from Deforestation

The media coverage may have subsided, but the fires haven’t stopped. In fact, when the global outrage about the fires burning in the Amazon began, there had been 43,500 fires recorded in the Brazilian Amazon in 2019. It’s now at more than 67,000 and the dry season will continue until at least the end of November. Some of this is part of the natural cycle, but many more are fires deliberately set and most of those are to clear land for beef and soy production.

By Mark Heley Iván Sawyer García Posted in Economic Empowerment, Fire, Forests on October 10, 2019 Continue reading
Saving the Amazon: 10 Things You Can Do Now

From Diet to Donations to Joining the Movement, Your Actions Make a Difference

1. Fund Forest Protection Let’s start with the most direct route. One of the most effective organizations to contribute to is the Rainforest Trust. Their project in the Peruvian Amazon supports the local indigenous communities to getting recognised as having land rights and is seeking to give the title for more than 6 million acres to […]

By Mark Heley Posted in Climate Change, Economic Empowerment, Fire, Forests, Latin America on September 8, 2019 Continue reading

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