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Víctor Villalobos
Víctor Villalobos

Víctor César Villalobos Villaseñor (Guadalajara, Jalisco) has been a web editor, reporter, chronicler, photographer and literary editor. He has published two books of poetry. He loves music and movies; and, of course, Mexican mole.

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Megadam: ‘Obsolete technology’ wreaks havoc across the Americas  

A global boom in major dam construction, mainly in developing countries, is currently underway, with an estimated 3,700 now under construction or in the planning stages. Latin America is ground zero for much of this development.

By Víctor Villalobos Posted in Latin America, Megadams, Water on October 23, 2019 Continue reading
A village of women in resistance

Forum, photo expo highlight female protagonists of the fight against El Zapotillo Dam

TEMACAPULIN, Jalisco, Mexico — Amid the green of Los Altos de Jalisco, hiding at the bottom of a valley, lies a village in resistance. In Temaca, as it’s affectionately known, a band of women have vowed to fight to the end to preserve their territory and their dignity. The women — and the men — […]

By Víctor Villalobos Posted in Activism, Megadams, Mexico, Water, Water, Territory and Resistance on September 17, 2019 Continue reading

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