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Caravan of Unity 2020: A Personal Perspective
Through a nation divided, Peace Caravan drives its point home. 
By Peter Melton Posted in Social Change, Spirituality, United States on September 24, 2020
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This weekend the Unity.Earth Peace Caravan, which has defied racial and political division and pandemic to create a wave of unity across the nation, will come to a close on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. after a series of heart-opening performances, presentations and sharings by leading artists and leaders of the New Thought and emerging culture movements coalescing around peace and unity from an interfaith perspective.

“The story has changed,” Peter Melton tells us. “Now the story is not “Can we get along?” The story is: “We used to think we were separate — from each other, from the planet, from our future. We’re remembering that we’re all in this together — that we are one human family.”

Peter, who is the traveling host as well as serving on the production and promotions team of this event while also being its chief documenter, put together some reflections for us, along with a collection of videos gathered from the Peace Caravan as it made its way across the country.

The Caravan of Unity has been a grand adventure indeed.

This USA cross-country, Peace and Unity “Caravan” has been emerging through the hearts and souls of many organizations for over eight years.

Spearheaded by Unity.Earth, this month-long trip was originally planned to host hundreds of travelers but with the pandemic, the event was practically cancelled and then brought back to life in a very unique way.

The “Caravan” event stops, instead of being audience based events, would be live or recorded events that would be aired online to a global following.

I was one of the original three people on the Caravan, along with Mike and Chris Molda from Creative Minds Media from the Bay Area of California.

Mike Molda, Chris Molda and Peter Melton

The adventure began on Aug. 28, 2020 started with a Flag Ceremony in a park across the street from the Grace Cathedral in San Francisco, California. The names of all 193 countries were read aloud, alphabetically by continent and their flag was put into a group flag stand. Along with the name of Country, the host, Fumi Johns Steward recited, “May Peace Prevail in (the name of that country).”

Myself and a few organization members carried the flags in one by one, with only a couple witnesses on hand. This theme, of there being little or no audiences for the performances, was one of the unique aspects of this tour.

Soon I entered the Grace Cathedral with one other guest, we were the two audience members, along with six sound and video technicians who were honored to be there to witness eight world class musicians, led by seven-time Emmy award winning composer Gary Malkin, as they filled the temple with their sacred sound expressions.

Since there was no audience, I did not feel the need to look around and I was not at all concerned that others might be looking at me.

I stood in the aisle, at the end of the pews and experienced the concert in a way like never before. I was alone in a huge and glorious cathedral. There were top notch performers on stage but I was far enough away from them that I could not really see them playing their instruments.

The music became part of the Grace Cathedral. The pillars, the stained glass, the pews, the statues, the sacred items, they all joined in to create a unified field of sacred sound experience.

I was part of this experience, I was one with the Grace Cathedral.

There was no separation between the music, the walls, the floor, the ceiling and the ornate decorations and me.

The very first performance of The Caravan of Unity had created an experience of unity for me.

As I stood there gazing around the cathedral, I shook my head, I cried some happy tears, I smiled, I had several deep moments of remembering. Yes, we are all one.

Yes, in those moments I was one with the music, the musicians and The Grace Cathedral. I also realized that I was experiencing a perfect metaphor of how I was also one with each member of my human family and all the creative expressions that make up the event we call life and fill the cathedral we call Mother Earth.

I shall always remember this unifying moment from The Caravan of Unity. And I shall remain present to the fact that each moment represents the opportunity for me to remember again, that I am, that we are, all whole and complete unified expressions of life itself.

As we all ride on The Caravan of Unity as it moves on to the next moment…

Unity Earth is the main organizer of the event, but over 200 organizations were involved. Unify and Uplift have played major parts in the program, especially in co-producing the Peace Weekend along with the tech and programming support of Hubcast and Creative Minds, whom I worked with on the actual Caravan. WE the World, Purpose Earth, and the SINE Network were also key co-producers of the series of events.

The purpose of the Caravan is to activate unity consciousness to transform the way we live on this planet.

Visit and  Unity Earth on Facebook to look back at over a dozen events from San Francisco, to LA, from Las Vegas to Carbondale, Boulder, Crestone and Loveland, Colorado.  On to Kearney, Nebraska; St. Louis, Missouri; Chicago, Illinois; Raleigh, North Carolina; and then on to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Stoney Point, New York; and then to the United Nations buidling in New York City on the International Day of Peace.

The weekend of Sept 25-27 we will feature the powerful online peace event at Our grand finale event of the tour will take place at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC on Sept. 29thThe National Mall celebration is titled “United Forever.” It will be broadcast LIVE at and also on the Unity Earth Facebook page.

Recordings from The Caravan of Unity and all the events of the UP Convergence and Peace Weekend will be accessible through the living libraries that you can find at

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