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Janie Stein
Janie Stein

Janie is an intersectional peace and social justice activist and citizen journalist, traveling across the country together with husband Martin Bates in their small solar-equipped RV to various actions to lend support and increase awareness.

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Oak Flat: Apaches Fight "Murder" of Sacred Site

Federally protected indigenous lands face obliteration by Australian mining company

We have one year left to repeal the fateful decision and prevent the murder of Oak Flat, an area of great spiritual, cultural, and historic significance to many different bands, including the Apaches of San Carlos, “Arizona”. Although this very area was once designated by President Eisenhower to be protected from mining, legislative efforts began […]

By Janie Stein Posted in Environment, Esperanza Project, Indigenous Peoples, United States on February 15, 2019 Continue reading
In the Path of the Border Wall

Reflections on Our Time with the Esto'k Gna and the National Butterfly Center

The bulldozers have arrived at the National Butterfly Center in Mission, Texas, in preparation for their clearing 150 ft. on either side of the proposed border wall, gearing up to demolish a 900-year-old cypress tree. Contrary to promises from the Trump administration, the staff have been banned from accessing their private land on 70 of […]

By Janie Stein Posted in Migration Americas on February 5, 2019 Continue reading

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