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Diana Negrin
Diana Negrin

Diana Negrín is a geographer, writer and professor who works between Mexico and the US. Negrín's multidisciplinary work focuses on the intersection of social justice, ecology, arts and culture. Negrín helps run the Wixarika Research Center, a non-profit dedicated to supporting Wixarika autonomy and preserving their art and culture. Follow her at @geo.grafiando and @diana_negrin.

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Planting Agroecology in the Sacred Desert of Wirikuta

Renovating the Candles of Life Through Regenerative Agriculture

I was witnessing the first stone in a long-term project that seeks to restore and regenerate the desert in what many have come to call the “botanical garden” of Wirikuta. And as I watched this dream come to life, I was reminded of the symbolic Candles of Life, renovated every year in the pilgrimages carried out by the Wixárika people for whom this land holds a central place in their cosmology.

By Diana Negrin Posted in Agriculture, Agroecology, Indigenous Peoples, Regenerative Agriculture, Wixarika on January 12, 2022 Continue reading
Water and Power in Wirikuta

Threats New and Old Menace the Sacred Peyote Grounds of the Chihuahuan Desert

When it rains in the high plateaus of San Luis Potosí, Mexico, the dampened earth releases a scent that showcases its unique biodiversity. During the rainy season, greasewood bushes, mesquites, yucca and a wide variety of cacti flower and give their fruits, while the locals plant their cornfields that grow according to the nourishment they […]

By Diana Negrin Posted in Activism, Mexico, Water, Territory and Resistance, Wirikuta on September 29, 2021 Continue reading

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