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Gathering Our Tools
Earth Sky Woman Readies us to Birth a New Earth
By Tami Brunk Posted in Social Change, Spirituality on April 11, 2020
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We are Earth Sky Woman Remembering.

In this time of great awakening, as a small microorganism humbles us to take this Great Pause, Earth Sky Woman wakes within each of us — Sacred Woman, Man, and Child.  She is the bridge marrying Earth and Sky, She ignites within us the Holy Alchemy of the Sacred Human — at once mortal and divine. 

She at once guides us to the depths of our soul, and uplifts us to the heights of our spirits.  And she helps us fall in love again with our whole Earth family, reweaving our hearts into the fabric of Creation so once again we can be in a living conversation with Mother Earth herself, the Sun, the Moon, the Stars, our fellow creatures, trees, plants, the spirits of the land where we live…

On April 4, a special virtual gathering was offered to the world to mark the occasion of two major celestial events occurring at the same time:  Pluto and Jupiter met in Capricorn, as Venus joined the Seven Sisters Constellation — the Pleiades.  In this time of high magic, which continues throughout this period of physical (but not social) isolation, we gather the Feminine in service to the Whole, to honor the Great Purification and Transformation of modern human culture and to share the tools of Spirit Upliftment and Earth Grounding to help us come home to our place in the Unfolding New Story.

This global encounter is now being made available as an offering to those heart-centered humans within whom the spirit of Earth Sky Woman is alive and well. We offer the tools of remembrance, nourishing our hearts, souls, and spirits.  Helping us become peaceful and strong inside of ourselves so we can become beacons and midwives for a New Earth Birthing within and without.

What is possible when we come together in a spirit of ceremony, gratitude, love and possibility? That is what we explore within the ceremonial container of this Summit.

The entire Summit can be accessed at Here we share some highlights.

Old Knowledge for New Times: Sylvia “Sylver” Donnelly, a community organizer, off-the-grid thinker and changemaker from many places, now helping to lead a revival of the historic Missouri River town of Hartsburg.

“This virus has a spirit. And if we can recognize that it is alive… and it has a spirit… it’s a hard teacher.

We have a choice, then, as two-leggeds trying to figure out how to work with this. It’s alive, it’s going to feed on fear, it’s hungry, it’s looking for weakness, it’s looking for hosts, literally. So how are we going to greet it? How are we going to respond to it? Are we going to learn to respect it and the hard lessons it’s here to teach us? The worst thing that we can do is to panic and be in fear. The most important thing we can do is to stay calm; and learn to breathe and acknowledge that the crisis is upon us but that we don’t have to fear this.

Many of the indigenous talk to us about illness as a form of spiritual initiation, if we choose to do this work with what our bodies are challenged with. We know we are being told that if we can understand that it is a teacher — respecting it, paying attention to what it’s teaching us – and working on our relationship specifically with water, and with all the elements that keep us alive — Earth, Air, Fire and Water. And we’ve forgotten that. Which goes back to how you make wherever you are, home — sacred.

—Sylvia “Sylver” Donnelly

Crossing the Golden Bridge: Arvigo Therapist and Mayan Spiritual Healing practitioner Samar Ocean Wolf Ciprian shares perspectives from New Zealand:

It feels like since Covid started, we can only connect by the screen, everything has been highlighted about the disconnect. It feels like it’s been going on for a very long time. The practices that connect us with the part of us that’s instinctual and with the Earth — those are the remedy. In that remedy, there’s so much about the way we’re living that becomes unbearable, There’s so much that starts to feel really painful and really off. And right now it begins to become exponentially obvious.

There’s a part of me that’s really grieving not being able to touch people and be with them in that way. The kind of information that body to body is available, is not available anywhere else. The more sensitized we become to our own selves, the more sensitive we become to everything else. And the kinds of violations that are happening to nature, we cannot do willingly if we feel ourselves fully. 

So we’re looking at climate change and we’re looking at this virus, and where I live, we haven’t been able to light fire for five months, because it’s so dry — and I live in a damp place.

So we’re looking at all these things that are a result of our disconnect from the world we live in and the body of the world we live in, because we’ve fallen asleep to it, and we continue these kinds of patterns because we’re in so much pain, and that pain has been handed down, and that parallel is very striking in the kinds of pathologies women can have especially in their reproductive system because of the pain that gets handed down. That’s a personal metaphor.  We look at it globally, and it’s the same thing, we’re utilizing the feminine to keep feeding pain, and we’re seeing the pathologies that are showing up on a mass level. And the remedy is connecting with the physical.

— Samar Ocean Wolf Ciprian

Attuning to our Soul’s Wisdom and Guidance in a Time of Collective Soul Retrieval: Carolyn Griffeth

Joanna Macy has prophesied of these times as the Turning of the Ages.  People have been looking at the world through three lenses—business as usual, we have no problem, let’s make America Great Again.  And through the lens of the Great Unraveling… all of the systems are coming apart.  She proposed that in the midst of both of these dynamics there is a third emergent possibility, which is called the Great Turning — which is a transformation of culture, of consciousness, as big as any revolution that has ever happened; as big as the Agricultural Revolution, as the Industrial Revolution. This is a revolution that has to consciously be chosen.  It only happens if each one of us shows up for it.

Rematriation and Healing the Collective Mother Wound: Vandee Crane Khalsa, Founder, Rise in Love Foundation, which supports individuals, families, and communities in creating a culture of safety.

From the Eastern perspective, we’re coming out of the Kali Yuga, the dark age, where so much information has been hidden from us, and along with that is our own spiritual connection. And we’re getting this blessing to reconnect with our own potential and to look at our relationships. 

Being an indigenous person, one thing many of us share, all of us as a priority is our relationships. Our relationships to the land, to each other, to the self, to our values. We’re getting a time out to really look at that and assess that and see what we can repair, what needs to be repaired in our families and within society so we can rebirth a new paradigm.  

The way I’m dealing with that, I’ve been detoxing from consumerism, media, we home school, we have a home-based business, we want others to have the experience of just relaxing into healing, most people don’t know how to relax.    

We’re being faced with that—how do we heal, because we have the potential to heal ourselves.  We’re seeing the land heal, we’re seeing communities heal through mutual aid efforts.  Getting resources to places that don’t have resources, and need resources the most.  Staying busy and making sure everyone has what they need. 

Continuing to use the medicine we have as a family, my husband John Swiftbird is an Oglala Sioux drum keeper, we did a series of six prayer songs, keeping everyone in prayer. Reminding people that we’re stronger than what we go through, and with death comes life. That we can be prepared and protect ourselves. Making that effort to keep people connected in gratitude and prayer in songs.

— Vandee Crane Khalsa

Tami Brunk, MS, BA is a Wholehearted Empath and Earth Visionary helping humans grow an intimate and friendly relationship with the Earth and Sky. She is the founder of Astrology for Earth Renewal and an Active Dream teacher. She has worked as a naturalist, environmental writer, field biologist, Earth Guardian and permaculture designer across the U.S. and the globe and co-founded the Marda Permaculture Farm in Palestine.

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