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Party with a purpose at the Farm
By Tracy L. Barnett Posted in Houston, Sustainability, Texas on December 15, 2009
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Saturday dawned misty and chilly, but it didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of the crowds who flocked to the Last Organic Outpost Saturday to celebrate the two-year anniversary of the group’s Emile Street Farm, learn about food security, forage for wild edibles, eat organic tamales and meet interesting folks.
(photos by Mona Metzger of Houston Green Scene)

Here, Dr. Mark Vorderbruggen (aka “Merriwether the Adventurer“) leads a workshop on foraging for wild edibles. Literally dozens of apparent weeds lurking about the corners of the property, as it turns out, are as edible as the lush greens we cultivate at the farm. Here’s one of his finest innovations: an iPod field guide.


Farmer Joe Icet led discussions of food security – a concept many hadn’t given much thought to, but after chatting with Joe, we began to think about it some more. With just three days’ food supply on local supermarket shelves, it’s an idea that does bear some serious consideration as we prepare for emergencies. Looking ahead, he points out, it makes sense to prepare for times when cheap oil for transport is history. His answer: “Guerilla gardening!”


Farmer Marcella Icet is an organic gourmet – no matter what the vegetable, she’s got a trick for turning it into something divine.


Mona Metzger, Houston Green Scene founder, is a frequent farmer, a community networker and an organizer of excellent events. Landowner Ken Crimmins, self-described “taxpayer in residence.”

Radical Eats provided some truly original tamales – eggplant, mushroom and spinach, and a variety of other delectable concotions.

Snow Dogg Ice Cream provided the dessert.


Lisa Lin, left, of Emerging Green Builders is one of the main organizers of the local 350 movement, aimed at reducing global greenhouse gases to a safe level – 350 parts per million. Our atmosphere is currently at nearly 380, and scientific consensus says that the results are just beginning.

Learn more about the Last Organic Outpost’s new “Living Off the Land” dining and learning series at the Last Concert Cafe on their Facebook page.

Learn more about what’s happening on the Green side of Houston at the Houston Green Scene.

More of Mona Metzger’s Farm Party pix here:
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