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Facing Mexico’s zero-waste challenge

Grassroots organizers urge shared responsibility

The work of civil organizations and citizen efforts as a driving force towards a zero waste economy

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Throwaway people or valued environmental service providers?

Mexico's pepenadores seek to dignify a long-neglected role

Saúl started his career as a trash picker, known in Mexico as a pepenador, when he was six years old. Now 60, he makes an independent living by sorting and repurposing materials that the state’s 11 municipalities dump at the San Nicolás Landfill. 

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Turning trash into groceries in Oaxaca

Mexican student's innovative plastic waste initiative cleans up rural town

A “pet” is a PET-type plastic bottle. Its worth is equivalent to about a penny, and gathering together several of them you can purchase some basic food items through a project developed by a university student and implemented by his local government.

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Striking Back Against Femicide in Costa Rica

Aude Mulliez on Femicide, Empowerment Self-Defense, and Turning Garbage into Houses

Aude Mulliez is a woman for the new millennium. At 33, she has launched her own green social enterprise, become a continental ambassador for female empowerment and impacted lives in half a dozen countries – including her own. She’s tackled some of the thorniest issues of our time – migration, environmental degradation, extreme poverty, and […]

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The Last Straw

If Plastic Is Out, What's Next? A New Generation Of Innovators Rise To The Occasion

For some, it was the baby albatross whose autopsy revealed a belly full of bottle caps and other plastic debris. For others, it was the video of the sea turtle with the plastic straw stuck in its nostril, a team of marine biologists trying to remove it with a pair of pliers as it struggled […]

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