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Who We Are: Call of the Turtle Program and Bios
By Esperanza Project Posted in on August 10, 2022
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Cheryl Angel is an indigenous leader, Lakota (Sioux) elder, mother of five children, and devoted water protector who helped initiate and maintain the Standing Rock camp from April 2016 until its forced dismantling. She was vital in the nonviolent resistance to the Dakota Access and Keystone XL pipelines. Her voice among the water protectors is one of integrating deep prayer with nonviolent direct action, guiding two women-led actions at Standing Rock. A spiritual activist from the Sicangu (Rosebud) tribe — one of the seven tribes that conform the Lakota/Nakota/Dakota People in the Great Plains of North America — Cheryl moves from a deep space of love and nonviolence as guided by her ancestors and Lakota traditions and ways of being.

Learn more about Cheryl through this interview on her Sovereign Sisters Project in The Esperanza Project HERE.

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Tzeliee-kame Ramírez: Wixarika student.

One of his dreams is to support his indigenous communities to achieve well-being.

He is passionate about nutrition and health. He loves to write poetry as well as to help rescue his culture and traditions, as he considers that a duty of every young indigenous person.

Alberto Ruz

Alberto Ruz Buenfil (born 1945) is a native of Mexico whose work is dedicated to social change, environmental sustainability, and the performing arts. He co-founded two international theater groups as well as Mexico’s first ecovillage, known as Huehuecoyotl. He led the 13-year Rainbow Peace Caravan, an international effort to promote sustainable design and permaculture, as well as theatrical performances, across seventeen countries of Latin America. He was also funded by Ashoka from 2002 to 2005, and received in the name of the Rainbow Peace Caravan, the prize “Escuela Viva” from the Brazilian President Lula da Silva and Minister of Culture Gilberto Gil, as one of the 60 most advanced projects in education in the country.

Ruz is the author of several books. At his return in 2009 from South America, he was invited to be part of a team at the ‘Direction of Culture’ of Coyoacán, México DF, where he created the project Ecobarrios and took it for three years to 10 different pueblos and barrios from that part of the city. From January to November 2013 he was Director of Environmental Culture in the state of Morelos, since 2014, he has been an adviser to the “Asamblea Legislativa”, from Mexico City, on the subject of the recently adopted Law of Rights of Mother Earth. He organized the 1st Global Forum for the Rights of Mother Earth in Mexico city, from June 1 to 5. His main purpose today is to contribute to the Universal Declaration of Rights of Mother Earth at the United Nations. He lives in Huehuecóyotl and travels around the world as a keynote speaker in different Forums and for all kind of publics.

Luix Saldaña

Luix Saldaña is coordinator and creator of the Vision Council’s Art and Culture Council.

In his personal and spiritual search for him, Luix has been a walker of many paths; he has traveled from the Tijuana psychedelic rock scene in the late 1960s to the Avandaro festival in the 1970s; from active participation in the funk, jazz and African pop scene of San Francisco, California, to the rainbow gatherings of North America; from tipi ceremonies with North American Lakota indigenous families in South Dakota to the research and practice of indigenous sacred songs, from professional learning of traditional African rhythms to the discovery of one’s own roots; from the facilitation of drum circles in prisons and prisons to the rhythmic facilitation with executives of transnational companies; from peace, anti-nuclear and environmental activism to participation in the eco-village movement and for more than 30 years being part of the seed group of the Vision Council – Guardians of the Earth

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Angélica Almazán Escalante is a Mexican author, singer and Janzu therapist. Translator and co-editor of The Esperanza Project. She covered Mexico’s first indigenous woman presidential candidate and has spearheaded the communications team for the 2018 Bioregional Encounter in Bacalar, and collaborated with the Consejo de Visiones since The call of the Sage. She has also received glowing reviews on her first book, The Mermaid and the gypsy. She has four recorded music albums. She is a nomade traveling through México, currently as a singer for the magicfolk band/ alternative performance project Aureal.

Laurie Gosselin, whose Spirit name is Red Medicine Thunderbird Woman, inspires women to courageously imagine what’s possible and to deepen their connection to the feminine. Born in Saskatchewan, she is of Dakota/Cree/European descent and a member of the Muscowpetung Saulteaux Nation in Canada. She is a certified Qoya teacher, Daring to Rest facilitator and Culinary Nutrition Expert holding a Master of Arts degree in Leadership.

Patricia Noelle Romero Litvin, born in August 26, 1953 in Mexico City. Daughter of two plastic artists, in her words, she grew up with “music, colors, smells, flavors and the warm touch of love.”  She has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Human Development from the Latin American University, UNAM and University of Kansas and a Master’s in Human Development and Family Life. From 2002-to date she’s a Member of the Movement of 13 Moons of 28 days for Peace. Teaching on the Dreamspell and Calendar of 13 Moons of 28 days, and also from Organi-K A.C. She worked in the Coordination of the Green Circle for the Commission for the Integral Management of Solid Waste of  Mexico City and the Green Circle Pavilion at Pepenafest and was Member of the Staff of the Ecobarrios Coyoacán Project.

Entrevista al Sr. Odin Ruz de Organi-K sobre las fincas demostrativas MEbA  - YouTube

Odin Ruz has been a CEO and Consultant for Organi-K Group CEO, Senior Consultant for UNEP and Frankfurt School of Finance and Management. He has supported in the design of five demonstration farms in Peru and Colombia, design and construction of the Ecological Ecovillage Oztopulco, Tepoztlan Morelos, design and construction of the Ecological Ecovillage, Playa Viva Permacultural Designer Project that seeks to be a national example of ecological development, nature reserve, restoration of mangroves and sustainable production systems.  He was the coordinator of the Itinerant Expo of Eco-Technology and environmental awareness in Tajín Summit, and the World Social Forum.  He was teacher and coordinator of the International Ecohabitat Diploma.  Open diplomas in the Huehuecoyotl ecovillage. Advisor to UNEP for the elaboration of agricultural measures based on ecosystems and adaptation to climate change, construction of the Ecological House of Chapultepec, Cuernavaca. Morelos among many other projects.

Fernanda Coatl

Fernanda Coatl is anArtivist, Psychobody Therapist and Biosocial Pollinator. Focused on the exploration of consciousness through maps of breathing in movement and psimbotic herbalism. At the service of the Council of Visions, Huerto Roma Verde and Weaving Wisdom. Co-creator of Uxamigua Nómada and Movimiento Psicoporal.

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Fernando Ausín-Gómez

Fernando Ausin is an international social entrepreneur with a strong passion for social justice and global sustainability. For the past 15 years, he has been studying the promise of survival for humanity from an indigenous perspective, travelling across 48 states in the US and most of Mexico to learn from scientists, academics and indigenous elders. He is the Co-Founder and Executive Director to BioTU, where he helps transmit their lessons to younger generations. He holds a BA in Latin American politics from Dartmouth College and has worked extensively as a consultant, educator and healer around the globe. For more information about Fernando, you can visit Fernando Ausin-Gómez on Facebook.

Arun Ruz

Arun Ruz is the third generation of ecovillagers in the Huehuecoyotl community, Mexico and has a degree in Permaculture from UFLP. He is currently dedicated to the environmental coordination of a work team focused on sustainable and cultural development in Baja California Sur. Arun grew up in the social environment where different regenerative movements originated in Mexico and Latin America that have focused on promoting the development of human consciousness through art, ecology and culture, integrating science and the worldview of indigenous people and on how to live in Harmony with Nature. 

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