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Call of the Turtle: Harvest of Highlights, Insights and Wisdom
By Arun Ruz Costa Posted in on August 10, 2022
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In the best Vision Council tradition, we closed The Call of the Turtle with a “Cosecha” or harvest of the group wisdom. In the context of the real, week-long transformational event that is the Vision Council, this closing ceremony takes the form of a pilgrimage from one Council Space to another, where each council shares its learnings, teachings and insights with a brief presentation.

In the online version, we closed with a World Café format, to share the last impressions of the topics discussed during the day. Those discussions were rich, and this summary is just a quick glance; to see the program and speakers of the full Call of the Turtle event, click HERE.

Group decisionmaking process at the Vision Council Gathering in 1993, Nanciyaga Ecological Reserve, Veracruz, Mexico (Credit: Holger Hieronomi)
Vision Council Gathering 1993, Nanciyaga Ecological Reserve, Veracruz, Mexico (Credit: Holger Hieronomi)

Gleanings from the Art and Culture Council

  • [ ] Astaras: Be connected to life – Create confidence – Express yourself – Create basis of gratitude
  • [ ] Carolyn: Get inspiration from all cultures, ceremonies. Wake up our inner child. Move to show the similarities and commonalities
  • [ ] Hugo: As people come together we get detached from nature – Re learn we are part of nature, we are designed to be part of it. Be in harmony.
  • [ ] G moody: Art & Culture is the essence to come back to our origins. Earth focus cultures, based on nature cycles.
  • [ ] Tracy: We forgot what Art & culture IS. Art in the service to connect ourselves & nature.
  • [ ] Chris: Time is art. Nature is art. Let’s use art to inspire. Ceremony is art. Let’s go back to original cultures, wisdom, and art.
  • [ ] Taelin: Look for inspiration in cultures to transform life, earth… use our love to find solutions.
  • [ ] Tami: ¿What is culture? Culture is sacred. Lets create culture of sacredness of life through beauty, art, education, music. – Start with ourself
  • [ ] Javier: Take examples from communities, find the connections between people and projects
  • [ ] Angelica: Art is the language, art is the spirituality.
  • [ ] Cassandra: We sometimes think we don’t have a culture in the US. But there’s a lot of goodness in our modern cultures as well, of reinforcing our own identity, our freedom and liberty.

Ecology Council

Volunteers help build a house with mud under the expert guidance of bioconstruction architect Lourdes Maldonado at the Call of the Eagle Vision Council Gathering in 2010 in Chalmita, Mexico (Tracy L. Barnett photo)

[ ] Cassandra: Go back to the essence of understanding. That we are part of the wellness of the ecosystem, the internal ecosystem as well as the external one. Start with ourselves. How we can understand the value of nature. Cooperation, coexisting is thriving.

[ ] Angelica: Wise managing of the Earth. Remembering are all one with the species, minerals, everything. We are that earth who manages itself. The earth heals itself, so we as part of it, this is our work.

[ ] Javier: Tenemos que llevar el trabajo a cabo! Llevar esto nuevo al mundo.

[ ] Tami: Intimacy to connect deeply with ourselves and cultivate intimacy with our bioregion, our environment.

[ ] Taelin: Radical thinking, radical change of economy… Planetary economy based in the responsible interaction with environment. Change the system.

[ ] Chris: This subject hits in the core emotion. Take some time.. patience. Feeling profound connection with the earth, be at service and worship and protect.

[ ] Bruce: Understand boundaries.

[ ] Tracy: Start where you are. Don’t pick a battle far away from home. (Ecobarrios was)

[ ] G moody: There’s an urgency for all of us! Give more information to the youth. ¿How we can we make ecology accesible for all? ¿Economically accesible? ¿Part of our economical urgency?

[ ] Hugo: Ecology is wide. Competition made us loose our connection to earth. Collaboration

[ ] Astaras: Collaboration starts home. Collaboration starts with gratitude and acknowledging where things come from.

Opening ceremony, Call of the Eagle, Chalmita, Mexico, 2010 (Tracy L. Barnett photo)

Cosmovision Council

  • [ ] Astaras: Breathe and Trust our actions.
  • [ ] Carolyn: Empathy must be awakened, to reconnect. No be shy to speak up!
  • [ ] Hugo: Uderstand our past, understand our future, our relation and link to the world and the universe.
  • [ ] G. Moody: Everything we do affects everyone. What I Feels right, correct.
  • [ ] Tracy: Colonization goes back to a soul sickness. Go back to understand the ancient spiritual science. Heal!
  • [ ] Chris: Be the change. Walk your talk. Back to the hearth. Truth.
  • [ ] Taelin: Conection to nature. Remember again what nature feels like.
  • [ ] Bruce: Thinking galacticaly. Being able to come back to planet trough a higher perspective, be more human.
  • [ ] Tami: To take responsibility for what we hold. Be more present. – Believe in miracles… like Near death experiences wake up people, reborn in a quantum experience.
  • [ ] Javier: Acción con toda esta visión es esa espiritualidad. Gratitud.
  • [ ] Angelica: There’s a light a hope.. we area transforming ourselves…CDV help me to see diversity and see we are one.
  • [ ] Cassandra: Our spirit is pure recognition of who we are, to explore the experience of life. To learn the powers we have. Time, space, consciousness. Art culture, is intelligence that goes through us.

Arun Ruz, together with other leaders of the Youth Council at the Call of the Salvia Vision Council in Teopantli Kalpulli, Jalisco, Mexico, 2015 (Tracy L. Barnett photo)

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