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Maya Piedra
Maya Piedra

Sociologist and journalist based in Guadalajara. He has worked for 17 years accompanying processes of rural communities in different latitudes of Mexican territory. Specialist in socio-environmental studies interested in the study of the tourism phenomenon.

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A Mexican Entrepreneur With a Painful Past Is Finding New Purpose With a Recycling Startup

By Maya Piedra, Global Press Mexico. Eleno Ulloa endured ridicule, rejection, drug and alcohol addiction, and two deportations from the United States. Today, he is his family’s breadwinner and, with his recycling business, a sign of hope for many in Nayarit. PASO DE LAS PALMAS, MEXICO — Eleno Ulloa inherited his interest in recycling from […]

By Maya Piedra Posted in Economic Empowerment, Environment, Mexico, Sustainability on January 31, 2024 Continue reading
Mexican Indigenous Group Fights to Preserve Sacred Sites

In August, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador signed a decree to protect sacred indigenous sites, but for the Wixárika community, the struggle isn’t over.

By Maya Piedra, Global Press Journal Mexico. This story was originally published in Global Press Journal Mexico. GUADALAJARA, MEXICO — Dressed in white clothing embroidered in colors and symbols representing the sacred universe, Mario Muñoz Cayetano, a man with a good-natured expression and deep gaze, speaks on the importance of a presidential decree to legally […]

By Maya Piedra Posted in Mexico, Water, Territory and Resistance, Wixarika on September 28, 2023 Continue reading

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