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Diana Leon
Diana Leon

Freelance journalist based in Mexico, interested in art, culture and environment. Student at the University of Guadalajara and member of the Mexican Network of Environmental Journalists (REMPA).

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Discovering the Ecobarrios of Latin America

New book explores a model for green living that transcends borders

The book Ecobarrios en América Latina: Alternativas comunitarias para la transición hacia la sustentabilidad urbana (Ecobarrios in Latin America: Community Alternatives for the Transition to Urban Sustainability) is an exploration of the committed and valuable work of a movement of people throughout the continent. One of the most outstanding has been the co-editor of the […]

By Diana Leon Posted in Ecovillages on March 3, 2022 Continue reading
Facing Mexico’s zero-waste challenge

Grassroots organizers urge shared responsibility

The work of civil organizations and citizen efforts as a driving force towards a zero waste economy

By Diana Leon Posted in Waste Management on February 17, 2022 Continue reading
Throwaway people or valued environmental service providers?

Mexico's pepenadores seek to dignify a long-neglected role

Saúl started his career as a trash picker, known in Mexico as a pepenador, when he was six years old. Now 60, he makes an independent living by sorting and repurposing materials that the state’s 11 municipalities dump at the San Nicolás Landfill. 

By Diana Leon Posted in Waste Management on February 6, 2022 Continue reading

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