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Cara Cadwallader
Cara Cadwallader

Cara H. Cadwallader is a temporary transplant to southern Ecuador by way of San Diego, California, USA.
An embodiment artist, Cara weaves her passion for education, writing, dance and art into a medicinal balm.
Aiding our aching souls, tired bodies and hungry hearts, can shift our destructive, global patterns of behavior.
Cara doesn't know 'how', but she is willing to try. Join her:

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The Yupaichani Network: Regenerative Practices in Action

A story of Cross-Cultural Collaboration in Southern Ecuador

Hamstrung by the bureaucracy in their hometown of Boulder, Colo., permaculture designer Zia Parker and biodynamic agriculture teacher Roshni McEldowney headed south to Vilcabamba, Ecuador, where a culture respecting the Rights of Mother Earth is flourishing.

By Zia Parker Cara Cadwallader Posted in Permaculture on January 16, 2020 Continue reading

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