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Alejandra Tapia
Alejandra Tapia

Activist, actress and communicator of the arts and biodiversity. Amazon-Andean. Zanja Arajuno Ecological Center.

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Ecuador: After National Strike, extractivism and equity debate begins

Large-scale mining and oil extraction go to the dialogue table along with economic relief measures for the poor

QUITO, Ecuador— The National Strike this summer in Ecuador mobilized people from all 24 of its provinces, concentrated thousands of protesters in the city of Quito, and lasted 18 days. Although it has left as a consequence, so far, seven people dead, this new social outbreak compelled important advances in the fight for the defense […]

By Alejandra Tapia Posted in Ecuador, Mining, Water, Territory and Resistance on September 8, 2022 Continue reading
18 days of resistance: Women leaders in Ecuador speak out

Achievements include ban on mining in protected and indigenous territories; strikes will resume if ongoing negotiations fail

Today these words can finally come out on paper, because the fear and the lump in the throat — for now — are appeased. The peace agreements with social justice between the organizations and the Ecuadorean government were signed on Thursday, June 30. Now they are in the vigil process with a term of 90 […]

By Alejandra Tapia Posted in Activism, Ecuador, Women's Empowerment on July 3, 2022 Continue reading

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