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Albert Bates
Albert Bates

Albert Bates is an author, public speaker and self-described “Emergency Planetary Technician.” He is founder of the Global Village Institute for Appropriate Technology and a longtime climate science, permaculture and ecovillage educator.

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Black Hawk's 11 Percent Solution

Albert Bates on the Sauk chief's writings in the context of a post-carbon future

Author, public speaker and self-described “Emergency Planetary Technician” Albert Bates is a master at drawing wisdom from a vast variety of sources. Recently he drew my attention to this excellent column that he penned last year, drawing on the great Sauk leader Black Hawk to help us envision one possible outcome from our current climate […]

By Albert Bates Posted in Climate Change on February 4, 2020 Continue reading
Our Final Exam in Madrid

Reflections from Albert Bates on Joan of Arc, St. Greta and the COP25 catastrophe 

“Why are we hauling giant container shiploads of Christmas decorations from Vietnam to England? Don’t the English know how to make decorations?”

By Albert Bates Posted in Climate Change, Esperanza Project on December 19, 2019 Continue reading

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