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About Tracy L Barnett
By Tracy L. Barnett Posted in on August 7, 2009
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Tracy is an award-winning journalist and educator who offers workshops and individual consultation services on travel, writing and maximizing your presence on the web.

She has taught magazine writing, travel writing and other creative writing courses at the university level and for a variety of community organizations.

Most recently: Starting and getting the most out of your weblog, Gemini Ink, San Antonio, Texas Sept. 26

Tracy has provided manuscript consultation for scores of professional and non-professional writers and authors.

She has worked with scores of web-wary individuals, particularly journalists and small business owners, to help them establish and improve their use of the web through blogging and social media.

Contact Tracy at [email protected] or (210) 867-9767 if you’d like to discuss the possibility of setting up a workshop or a consultation. Fees are negotiable.

Immigration from South America
Mason Crest Publishing, 2005
South American Immigrants cover

“Every year a steady influx of immigrants arrives in both the United States and Canada from the disparate nations of South America. Barnett outlines the history of this immigration and some of its major consequences. In telling this story, the author touches upon issues such as prejudice, language demands, cultural barriers, and the economic want some immigrants experience. This tale of migration is an excellent stand-alone resource. It is part of the illustrated series entitled “The Changing Face of North America.”
— Greg M. Romaneck

Oman: Modern Middle East Nations series
Mason Crest Publishers, 2005

Oman cover

Oman: The name conjures images of windswept dunes, veiled women and ruthless pirates. It’s the home of Sinbad the Sailor and the Tales of the Arabian Nights, the legendary land of frankincense that was delivered to the infant Jesus. Under its sands lies the lost city of Ubar, which has been compared to Atlantis in its majesty and mystery. But what do we really know of Oman?

The Buffalo Soldiers

Mason Crest Publishers, 2003

Buffalo soldiers

The Buffalo Soldiers helped to shape the West and protected the white settlers in Indian territory. These black soldiers fought with honor, dignity and skill, even while their own government treated them as second-class citizens. This book traces their history from the formation of the Ninth and Tenth Cavalries at the end of the Civil War to their role in Cuba during the Spanish Civil War, clearing the way for Teddy Roosevelt’s Rough Riders.

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