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Living with the Land
Building Soil with Regenerative Agriculture
By Tracy L. Barnett Posted in Agriculture, Permaculture, Regenerative Agriculture, Sustainability on July 25, 2015
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Phil Moore and Lauren Simpson
Permaculture People

Editor’s note: We are very happy to share with you the third short film, Regenerative Agriculture: Rebuilding the Soil,  in Lauren and Phil’s new documentary film series Living with the Land for Permaculture Magazine.

skH8gt2PSitting atop the hills in southwest England overlooking the sea, Village Farm in Devon is a living example of regenerative agriculture. A little over a year ago, Rebecca Hosking and business partner Tim Green – makers of the BBC2 documentary ‘A Farm for The Future’  –  became tenants of 175 acres of exhausted soils.

Turning a windswept, misused, coastal farm into an abundant landscape working with nature is their goal; their approach – holistic planned grazing. Rebecca Hosking, film-maker, photographer, and agroecologist explains: “Holistic planned grazing is all about mimicking the natural migration of a wild herd across the landscape. This is the fastest way to build soil fertility on a large scale.”

2015 is the international year of soils. Farming with nature, Village Farm, is one of the many and inspiring examples of an agriculture working to build soils and providing good food for everyone without damage to the natural world and wildlife.

Narrated by Colin Tudge, biologist, writer, and founder, alongside his wife Ruth, of The Campaign for Real Farming.

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