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Migrant ‘Protection’ Protocols Survivor Stories #4: Enrique

His resilience, leadership and loyalty make him an asset to any nation, yet all Trump & Co could see was Brown

The brothers were ambushed on the Ides of March 2019. It happened as they walked toward their childhood home in Quetzaltenango. Guatemala’s second-largest city, boasting a rich Mayan heritage and a dramatic natural backdrop, Xela (as it’s known to locals) is where I went to buy presents for my host family when I lived in […]

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'Death flight' evokes Nazi Germany and Middle Passage

Shackled African asylum seekers tortured, returned to threat of death

The Trump Administration has stepped up deportations of Cameroonian and other African asylum seekers in flights operated by ICE contractor, Omni Air International, before Joe Biden takes office. Some face almost certain death upon their arrival. The First Solution author Sarah Towle reports. Remembering the SS St Louis On May 13, 1939, more than 900 […]

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In the Path of the Border Wall

Reflections on Our Time with the Esto'k Gna and the National Butterfly Center

The bulldozers have arrived at the National Butterfly Center in Mission, Texas, in preparation for their clearing 150 ft. on either side of the proposed border wall, gearing up to demolish a 900-year-old cypress tree. Contrary to promises from the Trump administration, the staff have been banned from accessing their private land on 70 of […]

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Christmas in Tornillo

Occupation at “concentration camp for children” strives to waken America's soul

TORNILLO, TEXAS –  Juan Ortiz is putting the last touches on the Christmas tree he is constructing from the plastic water jugs left for thirsty migrants in the desert. The jugs were a donation from No More Deaths, a volunteer organization that faces trial for assisting the migrants – one of whom is facing up […]

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