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Moira Millán: 'A telluric movement is awakening the women of the Earth'

Author, activist and traditional Mapuche weychafe on the end of the patriarchy

Moira Millán is a force to be reckoned with — a weychafe in the Mapuche tradition, or as she explains it, a warrior, a fighter, a defender. “To be a Weychafe is to be the defense of the territory, the defense of life. And that is the spirit that inhabits me.” Moira had just traveled […]

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Mapuches revitalize 'blue' indigenous economy in Chile

Collaborative effort seeks to defend the threatened ancestral 'Mapuche Paradise' of Lake Budi

Regardless of whether or not one belongs to a First Nation, more and more people and communities are seeking to resume a good life, that is, to achieve common and personal well-being in coexistence with our living planet. Throughout history, and now more than ever, learning from First Nations and the traditional knowledge they offer may be the key to our resilience as living beings “to survive well together” in the Anthropocene.

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Reflections from Mapuche Territory

The end of wingkalandia (colonialism) is approaching: Moira Millán

Moira Millán, author, activist and traditional Mapuche weychafe (warrior, guardian) has been living the quarantine in the isolation of her remote lof (community) in the Patagonian mountains, a community slowly being built on stolen land that she and her people have reclaimed. To send this piece she had to face roadblocks, hide from spying neighbors, […]

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Native Flower Rebellion in Argentina

'Self-Convoked' Indigenous Women Occupy Interior Ministry to Demand: Stop the Terricide

As the Extinction Rebellion shuts down the system in the North, Indigenous women in Argentina stage an uprising of their own. The Native Flower Rebellion, they are calling it: an occupation of “self-convoked” Mapuche, Qom and other Indigenous women have traveled from all corners of the republic to demand an accounting from their government, and to unite in a powerful message: The Terricide must stop.

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Mapuche Motherhood in the Age of Benetton

Moira Millan: Our right to maternity according to our own cosmovision is being crushed in our own territory.

Millions of feminist compañeras are claiming their rights as women in a parallel struggle of a nation for its self-determination. But I must ask about the role of Mapuche women in this process. Is there sorority with Mapuche women? Our right to maternity according to our own cosmovision is being crushed in our own territory.

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