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The Education of a US Border Patrol Agent

A peek into America’s most troubled law enforcement agency with former Senior Border Patrol Agent turned immigration activist, Jenn Budd

She had no idea what she was getting herself into. Raised in Huntsville, Alabama, daughter of liberal parents who’d been active in the Civil Rights Movement, Jenn Budd graduated from Auburn University in 1995 buried in debt. Before realizing her goal of going to law school, she decided to get some real world experience and […]

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WITNESS: Poetry penned in civil wars of Central America

Wandering poet Lorraine Caputo had heard other people’s testimonies. Finally in 1988, she began a journey that would change her life.

My first trip to Central America was in 1988. For several years, I heard other people’s testimonies of what was occurring in Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua. For even more years, I had read about the history and politics of the region. And of course, there was what was being reported in the media […]

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Panama trial of three Ngäbe leaders “a pattern” of intimidation and criminalization

Left: Manolo Miranda, one of three Ngäbe leaders facing trial, explains the impacts of the Barro Blanco Dam on the Tabasará River and surrounding communities. (Jonathan González photo) By Tracy L. BarnettIntercontinental Cry Manolo Miranda, leader of an indigenous community recently flooded by the Barro Blanco dam, now faces up to two years in prison for […]

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