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Green New Deal
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Dental Floss, Radium Poisoning and the Green New Deal

Exploring the toxic parallels of our destructive economic system

How much do you know about the radioactive history of the radium industry? I recently watched the Radium Girls on Netflix, which reminded me of the brutal abuses suffered by radium workers (often women). Radium Girls were the young women who painted luminous watch faces with radium paint and were taught by their supervisors to […]

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Monkeys Reaching for the Moon: An Environmental Parable for Our Times

Are we reaching for the illusion of sustainability rather than sustainability itself?

A few months ago my karate sensei shared with his students the Zen story of The Monkeys Reaching for the Moon. If you haven’t heard it, there are many versions. Here’s mine:

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Covid-19 and a new New Deal

The coronavirus is opening doors and perceptions at unprecedented rates, making many things possible.

Once this global epidemic has calmed, the economy will be in a similar state as the 1930s with millions of workers out of their jobs. But this can be a blessing in disguise.

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